La Porte ISD Academy of Viola DeWalt High School

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  • Students must meet one or more of the state's At Risk criteria:
  1. Two or more years behind in school
  2. Expelled during the preceding or current school year
  3. Failed two or more courses during a semester, currently failing two or more courses, and is not expected to graduate within four years of beginning ninth grade
  4. Failed a portion of the TAAS
  5. Pregnant or a parent
  6. Alternative school placement in previous year
  7. Limited English proficiency
  8. In custody of Dept. of Protective and Regulatory Services
  9. Homeless
  10. Resides or has resided in previous year in residential placement facility
  11. Currently on parole, probation
  12. Reported as a drop-out
  13. Student with a disability who also has one or more of above criteria
  • The Regular Diploma is offered unless a student transfers with required course credits or takes courses available through Virtual School.
  • DeWalt students receive a DeWalt High School diploma.
  • Accelerated packet classes and Compass Learning courses are available for students who need to make up credits toward graduation in a self-paced, self-taught environment.
  • Teacher instruction for academic classes and some electives is provided.

  • La Porte High School students pick up applications from their school counselor.
  • Former students who wish to return to school pick up applications at the DeWalt office.
  • Students meeting the At Risk criteria are interviewed, along with parents, for acceptance to DeWalt.
  • Interviews are held prior to the fall and the spring semesters.
  • Students and parents sign a contract of expectations for DeWalt admission.
  • Students failing to abide by the contract will be given due process to come into compliance.
  • Those who fail to come into compliance will have the contract revoked and will be allowed to return to La Porte High School.


  1. Student withdraws from previous school
  2. Student presents to DeWalt for enrollment:
    • Withdrawal from previous school
    • Social Security card
    • Proof of residency
    • Copy of birth certificate

  • School hours are 7:20-2:20.
  • All seven periods meet daily.
  • Breakfast and lunch is served daily; a la carte items are available.
  • Bus service is available between La Porte High School and DeWalt.
  • Student parking is available and vehicles must be registered with the Attendance Clerk.
  • Students adhere to general school rules and policies of La Porte ISD plus specific rules of DeWalt.


What is DeWalt School?
DeWalt School is a state certified Alternative Education Placement facility for high school students who prefer to be educated in a non-traditional high school setting.

Who can attend DeWalt School?
Any high school student or former student who has not yet graduated can attend if he or she meets the state and local requirements for an At Risk Alternative Education school.

What kind of diploma does DeWalt School offer?
Students receive a Regular High School Diploma granted through DeWalt High School and are invited to participate in DeWalt's graduation ceremonies. Classes are taught by certified teachers.

Is there a fee for attending DeWalt School?
There is no special fee to students. The school is funded through regular state and local school funding.

How can I get more information?
Please call the counseling office (281-604-6906) for applications or additional information.