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About Us » LPISD Secondary DAEP - Discipline Placement

LPISD Secondary DAEP - Discipline Placement

Students that commit a violation of the La Porte ISD Student Code of Conduct may result in the student being placed in the Discipline Alternative Education Program (DAEP) at the LPISD Secondary DAEP which is housed at 732 S. Broadway between F & G streets.  Successful completion of your child’s DAEP assignment and return to their home campus is dependent on your student’s compliance in the areas of attendance, academics, and behavior while at the DAEP.

v  To enroll in the DAEP, please follow the procedures listed below:

1.       Withdraw from your home campus.

2.       Bring withdrawal paperwork to the LPISD DAEP.

3.       Wear khaki pants (no cargo pants or khaki jeans) & closed toe shoes.  Shirts will be provided by the LPISD DAEP.

4.       Parents and student will need to enroll in the LPISD DAEP at 732 S. Broadway which will include completing enrollment paperwork and meeting with the Principal.  This process can last 30-45 minutes, so please plan accordingly.


v  If you have any questions regarding the LPISD DAEP, please contact them at 281-604-7350.