Our School

DeWalt High School stands as an excellent option for students in La Porte ISD. It boasts a dedicated group of educators who prioritize the well-being of at-risk students, fostering a supportive and structured learning environment. The school's emphasis on care and compassion is extended to all students, while also motivating them to explore their post-secondary opportunities.

Achieving academic excellence is possible by utilizing several strategies, including maintaining small class sizes, offering a variety of academic electives, providing specialized test preparation courses, offering tutoring services, making effective use of technology, and establishing partnerships with local community colleges. Students are required to meet the state and district curriculum objectives in order to fulfill the minimum, recommended, or foundation program with an endorsement graduation plan.

At DeWalt High School, students have the chance to learn and thrive. The school provides a conducive learning environment that addresses students' academic weaknesses while imparting essential social skills to ease their transition to post-high school life. To apply to DeWalt High School, interested students can obtain an application by clicking on the link below.

To express interest in attending DeWalt High School, the student and their parent or guardian need to inform their campus counselor. They must also complete an application and submit it to the counselor at their home campus. The counselor will fill out their required section of the application and send all the required components to DeWalt High School. After receiving all the necessary information, the staff at DeWalt High School will get in touch with the parent/guardian and student to schedule orientation dates and times.

  • The Academy is an application and interview-based school of choice for students in grades 9 – 12.
  • Students must meet one or more of the state’s 13 identifying at risk criteria.  According to state criteria, a student in grades K-12 is classified as at-risk of dropping out of school if they meet one or more of the following items:


1.       A preK, K, or grade 1,2, or 3 student who did not perform satisfactorily on a readiness test;

2.       Did not maintain a 70 average on a scale of 100 in grades 7-12 in 2 or more core subjects during a semester;

3.       Did not advance from one grade to the next;

4.       Did not perform satisfactorily on a state assessment instrument (STAAR/EOC);

5.       Is pregnant or a parent;

6.       Has been in Disciplinary Alternative Educational Placement (DAEP) during the past or current school year;

7.       Has been expelled during the preceding or current school year;

8.       Is currently on parole, probation, deferred prosecution, or other conditional release;

9.       Was previously reported as a drop out;

10.   Is a student of Limited English Proficiency;

11.   Is in the custody of CPS or during this school year has been referred to CPS by school, court, or law enforcement;

12.   Is homeless; and/or

13.   Resided in residential placement the preceding or current school year.


  • Computer-based classes are available for students who need to recover credits for graduation and/or are interested in early graduation. 
  • Students may graduate earlier than their anticipated cohort year; however, they must earn a 26-credit Recommended w/Endorsement diploma to graduate early.
  • General instruction is provided in a teacher-instructed classroom with class sizes of 15 students or less.
  • Academy students may earn credits towards a 22-credit Foundation diploma, 26-credit Recommended w/Endorsement diploma, or 26-credit Distinguished diploma.
  • Students graduating from The Academy will receive an LPISD Academy of Viola DeWalt high school diploma.
  • Intentional social-emotional issues are addressed through restorative practices and positive relationships.